Two topless members of the feminist movement Femen, who disrupted a Muslim conference in France on Saturday, were violently dragged away by a group of men.

Two Muslim leaders were speaking at the event in Pontoise near Paris when the women stormed the stage with the message "No one will submit me, I am my own prophet" spray-painted on their bare chests.

Video footage showed the women storming the stage dressed only in their jeans, shouting and taking over the microphones, as the Muslim leaders stepped back. However, within minutes, they were dragged off stage by a group of men. Some reports claimed that one woman was also kicked by the men.

The 'sextremist' Femen group claimed that the Islamic conference was discussing "whether or not it is OK to beat your wife", France24 reported. However, the report said that a recording of the Muslim conference showed the leaders asking Muslims to "follow the example of the prophet" in dealing with their wives.

BuzzFeed France also said that Femen's version of the event was 'incorrect', stating that the speakers were asking Muslims "to follow the model of the prophet" who "never slapped his wife". 

The conference had come under controversy with a petition on opposing the event, claiming that one of the speakers had 'legitimised marital rape' and called for 'submission of wives'. 

However, the petition was updated with a message denouncing the Femen protesters for their approach.

FEMEN, a women's activism group, had started in Ukraine and has carried out similar protests against religious leaders and government officials.

Femen spokeswoman Inna Shevchenko put out a series of tweets about the protest -