Mahima Kukreja, Utsav Chakraborty
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The series of counter allegations between Utsav Chakraborty and Mahima Kukreja over sexual harassment encounters is slowly and steadily unfolding the drama to a whole new level. Days after Utsav shared private chat screenshots with Mahima and other women who had accused him, Mahima came with a response which has now opened a can of worms.

In the battle of who's telling the truth and who's making false allegations, a few women have now come out with their own version about how Mahima, who they considered as a flag-bearer of the MeToo movement, failed to support them in the time of need.

At this stage, Twitter has become the most powerful medium for people to start a social media trial for both accused and accusers. And ever since Utsav has come out with his side of the story, many people have now started questioning the veracity of sexual harassment allegations made by women against their male counterparts.

So when Rituparna Chatterjee, who had started the MeTooIndia account on Twitter to help people share their plight of their sexual harassment encounters, tweeted, "Man accused by several women of sexual abuse, ranging from alleged harassment to assault, rides the MRA hate wave against #MeToo to time a smooth comeback without a word of remorse or apology to the women he hurt" (which she had clarified that she was not talking about Utsav here), it triggered a few women to speak against Mahima and her intentions behind sharing stories of sexual harassment survivors.

  A writer named Ishita Yadav, who had earlier accused Suhel Seth of sexual misconduct, replied to Rituparna's tweet saying how Mahima's episode has incurred severe damage to the MeToo movement. "THIS is the damage Mahima Kukreja's fraud and lies have done. She has undone all the hard work done by several women who actually DIDN'T use this movement to put themselves on the map. Because of her need to get featured in "international magazines", REAL victims of abuse suffer," she tweeted. Her tweet triggered another few women to share how Mahima didn't bother to even reply them when they reached out to her to tell their stories. "So Mahima has conveniently not put up screenshots of other women,who DMd her their stories, in which the accused wasn't Utsav. One of them is me, she didn't even care to send a sympathy reply. All she wanted to do was make her story strong, posted shit of some pathological liars," a nutritionist named Yogini tweeted. And it was followed by woman sharing screenshots of them writing to Mahima and asking for her help to put out their stories of sexual harassment.

Moreover, while replying to Mahima's response, Utsav revealed that at one point, Mahima was dating AIB (All India Bakchod) founder Tanmay Bhat after people tried to implicate him of accusations made against him.

"For everyone using this to implicate me, please keep this in mind: For all the apathetic things did to me, she hadn't even met me in real life. Tanmay and Mahima were DATING. What do you think she could've done to him if he didn't tow the line and follow her narrative?" Utsav tweeted.

He continued, "The truth is: Tanmay never confronted me about Mahima. And he wasn't the only one with the information - everyone in AIB was. Because I had told them. And they knew it was a huge misunderstanding. Because they knew who I was and how socially clumsy I could be sometimes."