Mahima Kukreja, Utsav Chakraborty
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A couple of days ago, former AIB comedian and YouTuber Utsav Chakraborty had shared a few screenshots of his private chats with Mahima Kukreja who had accused him in October last year, of sending unsolicited genital pictures to her. An audio recording of his phone calls had also surfaced on social media wherein Mahima and her lawyer sister Mansi Kukreja were heard threatening Utsav of legal action if he would share the said screenshots on public platform.

While Mahima had made her Twitter account private (through which she had shared multiple accounts of sexual harassment from anonymous women against Utsav) after Utsav accused Mahima of falsely implicating of harassment, the writer and performer has now come out in the open and said that the allegations made against her by Utsav are baseless.

In a statement to Firstpost, Mahima said that Utsav has launched a hate campaign against her on social media and apparently indulging in character assassination of all women who spoke against him.

Utsav, in a series of Twitter thread, had shared screenshots of his chats with women who had accused him saying that the explitcit exchange in the form of text, pictures and videos was consensual.

To which, Mahima asked in her statement, "Why did Utsav keep multiple screenshots of private conversations from years ago with multiple women from Snapchat and other apps, an act which is a violation of privacy in itself, unless he believed he might be called out for predatory behaviour in future and could use some of them out-of-context to serve his narrative?"

She further added, "Even after publicly and privately admitting to his predatory behaviour, Utsav is making baseless allegations after more than a year. A carefully planned and orchestrated PR-led campaign has been led to malign me, the women who spoke up, and the #MeToo movement itself."

Mahima also provided a brief background about how she got to know Utsav, began interacting with him and the instances where the alleged misconduct took place.

"In the year, 2015 I had just moved to Bombay and had become online friends with Utsav Chakrobarty. I have never met him to date.

We exchanged pictures of dogs that we would randomly click. He was a friend in a strange city. We talked on different platforms, bantering, some lighthearted flirting, discussing feminism and so on.

In 2015, I posted a photo of myself on my public Snapchat story. The photo showed my face, my neck, and a hint of my shoulders.

Utsav replied to that story and tried to turn our chat into sexting. As someone who considered him a friend, I didn't want to outright offend him. So I kept constantly trying to de-escalate it and repeatedly told him, I don't like sexting, and sexting is not my thing at all. I thought it was clear to him that the conversations were at best flirtatious banters and two online friends joking," she said.

Mahima challenged the comedian saying, "I dare Utsav to show any nude picture which I shared with him or gave him the permission or liberty to send me a picture of his genitals."