Mahima Kukreja, Utsav Chakraborty
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In October 2018, AIB comedian and YouTuber Utsav Chakraborty was accused of sending explicit messages to minor girls and asking them for nudes on social media. Writer and performer Mahima Kukreja had put out the allegations against Utsav through her Twitter account which gained a lot of attention during the MeToo wave in India.

Following the allegations, AIB condemned Utsav's actions said that they were delisting every single video on their channel which featured the comedian. Later, after a couple of months, Utsav had opened up about going through tough mental situation and had clarified that though it was wrong of him to ask for nudes from girls on his part, he said that he shared his genital pictures to girls only after they sent him something of the same degree.

The allegations had cost Utsav his bread and butter while the accuser was hailed for speaking out against her offender. However, an audio clip between Utsav, Mahima's lawyer sister Mansi Kukreja, that has now surfaced on social media, has given a shocking turn to the said incident.

In the audio clip, the lawyer can be seen threatening Utsav with legal action while the latter was willing to have an official investigation on the matter.

On Friday morning, Utsav released the screenshots of his conversation with three women - Mahima Kukreja, Chanya Jaitly and Kanika Kaul. It has now been learnt that Chanya, had deleted her side of explicit conversation with Utsav and had sent the doctored chat screenshots to her boyfriend (now ex) as she was not comfortable telling him about her explicit picture exchange with Utsav on social media.

She said that the screenshots were posted on Twitter without her consent during the MeToo movement last year thanks to Mahima Kukreja. She has apologised for the discomfort and damaged caused by it.

Kanika Kaul, who had accused Utsav anonymously, too had realised her mistake and had apologised on Twitter for supporting Mahima fanatically after she accused Utsav on Twitter of sexual harassment.

This particular incident has once again raised many questions about the issues in veracity of sexual harassment allegations and bringing everyone back to the principle of law, "Innocent until proven guilty."

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