Villagers sit on the debris of their house.
Representational Image.Reuters

In yet another game of conspiracy, a man from a remote village of Kali Phool in Rajasthan reportedly staged the murder of his 90-year-old mother to teach his neighbours a lesson.

However, the blame game did not last for long as the old woman, who was allegedly burnt to death by the neighbours, was found alive in a nearby village today.

Jagudi, whose murder was staged by her son Bhera Meena, was said to be dead after her house was set ablaze and bones were found scattered. It was later discovered that the bones at the burnt house were that of an animal and not Jagudi's.

The police said that this incident, which is being investigated, has turned out to be a completely conspired plot by Bhera to teach a harsh lesson to his neighbours and implicate a false case of murder on them, reported NDTV.

"Jagudi's son Bhera Meena had alleged that his house was set ablaze by his neighbour Maana Meena on Sunday last in which his mother died," the police was quoted as saying.

The investigation carried out by the Rajasthan police to find more details related to this case also brought into light the truth that Bhera had set his own house on fire to delude the villagers. The police said that Bhera would be arrested on charges of misleading the police force.