Thanksgiving is not just about food
Thanksgiving spread on a family table.creative commons/ Satya Murthy

Thanksgiving is the time for families to get together and express their gratitude for all good things in each other's lives. However, a Pennsylvania man apparently forgot that last Thursday night, but his girlfriend was quick to remind him.

Jack-Lyn Blake, from Wilkes-Barre in Pennsylvania, was furious to find her boyfriend enjoying the Thanksgiving dinner when she woke up. The 47-year-old woman quickly started chasing her boyfriend Benjamin Smith around the dining table with a knife in her hand. She managed to stab the man several times in the chest before hurling the knife at his face, hitting him below his left eye, reported Business to Community.

The police, who arrived at their home in response to a complaint on domestic disturbance, was shocked to find that the girlfriend stabbed her boyfriend for starting Thanksgiving festivities without her. The police found the man holding a bloody towel against his chest.

Smith, in his statement to the police, revealed that the couple had been involved in a heated argument earlier that day and when the allegedly inebriated Blake fell asleep, he decided to let her sleep and went ahead with his dinner. This did not go well with the agitated woman, who has been pressed with charges on "aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and making terroristic threats."

Meanwhile, Smith was taken to a hospital close by, wherein it was determined that he has non-life threatening injuries and has been discharged since. It is not revealed whether the victim will press charges against who we can safely assume is now his ex-girlfriend.

This is not the first, nor will it be the last time, that alcohol catalyses a family feud during the holidays. In fact, according to The David J Kramer Law Firm, people are more likely to drink alcohol during the holiday season.

Sgt Eric Hamp of the Alpena Police Department said, "…People have days off for the holidays and tend to indulge in alcohol, which often causes problems. A lot of times we'll see more domestic-related incidences as well … related to the alcohol."