Praveen thrashed
Screengrab of the video posted by DCW Chief Swati Maliwal in which Praveen, 30, who was beaten up by the mob in Narela narrates her version of the assault.Twitter

A woman who helped the police to bust an illicit liquor racket in North Delhi's Narela was roughed up and paraded naked in public on Thursday,  December 7 by a group of men and women who allegedly ran the ring. A video of the mob attaking the woman with iron rods and stripping her was also circulated in the area, according to reports. 

Expressing grave concern over the incident, the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) slammed the police  for allegedly colluding with the illicit liquor mafia. The DCW chief Swati Maliwal said that the woman, who was beaten up on Thursday night, had informed the commission about the illegal liquor racket running in Narela. The lady was attacked by a mob comprising of 25 men after that, she alleged.  

A statement issued by the DCW read, "The DCW team along with women residents were openly threatened by the liquor mafia of dire consequences. One of the woman was attacked by the men, who assaulted her with iron rods and paraded her naked in the area. The entire incident was filmed and a video shared in the area."

In a video which was posted by DCW chief after the female was thrashed, the victim is seen saying, "I was dragged and disrobed. A police personnel tried to stop them from meting out such inhuman treatment but he was also thrashed."

The victim added, "They also said that they would do the same with Ms Maliwal and other women who will oppose their actions."

Meanwhile, the DCW chief hinted at the involvement of police officials in running the racket in North Delhi. "The entire incident proves complete lawlessness and zero fear of law in the area and it is shocking that police did not take any action to protect these women."

Maliwal added: "It appears that the illegal activity of selling liquor in homes is occurring with active connivance and protection of the police." She also summoned Rajneesh Gupta, the Rohini Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of Rohini, on Friday to the commission office.

Police says woman wasn't paraded naked

The police have arrested two women in connection with the assault on the woman who helped the police in cracking the bootleggers in Narela. The police have also alleged that the arrested women were part of the racket.

Rajneesh Gupta, DCP of Rohini, however, denied that the woman was paraded naked. However, he told IANS that "she was beaten and her clothes were torn a bit."

The police had reportedly seized around 300 bottles of liquor from Narela on Wednesday after they received a tip off from the DCW. Following the confiscation of illicit liquor and the assault incident, the DCW head on Friday alleged that the police post is just few meters away from Narela where the incident took place and stressed that, "Such illegal business is flourishing on a very large scale in Narela in full public view and knowledge of the local police".

Reacting to Maliwal's allegations, the Delhi Police's twitter handle read, "Incident referred to is reaction and quarrel by some ladies of same JJ cluster as victim. Injuries simple as per MLC....." Here's the tweet,

The tweet by Delhi police which trivialised the assault was a quarrel, received a slamming response by the DCW chief, "Shameful to term incident as 'quarrel' when people who attacked, threatened her & DCW team in front of me last night. Also no MLC records someone's insult on having been paraded naked! She has iron rod marks on body & is still hospitalised! Police Maalkhana is at 50 m, please check!"

Delhi CM Kejriwal on the incident

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal condemned the attack and termed it shocking and shameful. Kejriwal on Friday also approached Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal and urged his intervention in taking action against the policemen who were allegedly involved in the illicit liquor racket in Narela.

kEJRI 11111
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal paid a visit to Praveen who was thrashed by a mob in Narela on Thursday night after she tipped off the police and the DCW about the illicit liquor racket in the area.Twitter

Kejriwal tweeted, "Utterly shocking and shameful that this is happening in India. I urge honorable Lt Governor to immediately intervene and take action against local policemen and ensure everyone's safety."