Air India flight
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After IndiGo, Air India has hit the spotlight for the wrong reasons. A woman passenger and a woman Air India duty manager slapped each other at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport on Tuesday, November 28.

The incident happened after the passenger got into an argument with the official because she was denied a boarding pass as she had come late, the police said.

The Ahmedabad-bound woman had to board the 5 am Delhi-Ahmedabad Air India flight 019 but reached the boarding area just after the gate closed. The official refused to give her a boarding pass because she had arrived late.

This led to an argument between the official and the passenger, following which she slapped the duty manager.

"A lady passenger was told by a counter staff that she will not be able to check in because she was late for the flight. This led to an argument and the staff directed her to the duty manager who was also a lady and there was an argument and an altercation," Press Trust of India quoted an Air India spokesperson as saying.

The passenger slapped the duty manager, and the duty manager slapped her back. "Arguments started between the passenger and Air India lady staff and the passenger slapped her. Lady staff in retaliation also slapped her," DCP (Airport) Sanjay Bhatia said.

The Delhi Police received a call regarding the incident and responded accordingly.

"She reported at 0418 hrs for check-in and was denied boarding. Argument started between her and Air India lady staff and the passenger slapped her, lady staff in retaliation also slapped her. Both have been medically examined... Later on both parties compromised the matter between them and did not want any action. The matter has been filed," police officials were quoted by Hindustan Times as saying.

The passenger and the duty manager later apologised to each other and resolved the matter.