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A 23-year-old woman in labour in Gurugram gave birth to a child in an auto rickshaw on Friday after she was given wrong information by a nurse in the hospital.

Kavita had gone to the Civil Hospital after feeling a sharp pain on Thursday morning and was admitted. Her gynaecologist had said that she will deliver her baby by Friday. However, on Friday morning, a nurse told Kavita that she will not be delivering for another week and discharged her.

Kavita and Sangeeta, her sister-in-law, then boarded an auto rickshaw to return home. According to a report by The Times of India, Kavita gave birth to a baby boy in the auto near Daultabad railway bridge in Gurugram. She and her baby were taken to a private hospital where they were admitted.

However, the government hospital said that Kavita left without informing any of the officials.

"Our records show that the patient left the hospital without informing officials. A nurse allegedly told them to visit a particular private hospital. The woman was going to that hospital when the crowning started. However, the delivery took place in the private hospital only. An inquiry will be held in the matter and the report will be out soon," Dr Pankaj Agrawal, principal medical officer (Gurugram) was quoted as saying by TOI.

Kavitha and Sangeeta will now have to foot a bill of Rs 20,000 at the private hospital when they could have been treated for free at the Civil Hospital. "When we visited Civil Hospital again, the same nurse told us that the baby would not get a birth certificate from there because the delivery happened outside the hospital," Sangeeta said.