renaissance painting
Representational Image.Reuters

A woman reportedly found a Renaissance painting by renowned painter Cimabue dating back to the 13th century hung on a kitchen wall for years in a town near Paris.

The painting, called Christ Mocked by the 13th-century painter, is estimated to be worth between €4 million and €6 million, according to Old Masters experts Turquin, reported AFP.

Art experts have stated that the painting by the artist who taught Giotto, was owned by a woman from Compiegne, France. 

According to experts, the painting dates back to 1280 and was part of Cimabue's large diptych called Cenni di Pepo in which he painted eight scenes depicting Christ's passion and crucifixion.

The owner of the painting claimed that she thought the art piece was old and thought of auctioneering it off locally, she only found about its authenticity after she had it dated and valued.

As the style of painting which is heavily influenced by Byzantine art is still used today on backgrounds of gold paint, infrared light tests revealed there was "no disputing that the painting was done by the same hand" of Cimabue just like his other pieces, said art expert Eric Turquin.

The religious painting will be sold at the Acteon auction house in Senlis, France on October 27.