woman hanging of balcony

In a shocking incident, a woman survived an 80-foot fall while trying a dangerous yoga pose on the edge of her balcony on the sixth floor of the building in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. She lost balance and slipped off the balcony while doing the yoga pose.

The incident took place in San Pedro. The woman, identified as 23-year-old Alexa Terrazas, has 110 broken bones and is in a critical condition. She has fractured her head, her arms, legs and head.

An investigation into the incident was conducted from the Nuevo Leon attorney-general's office, which found that the fall was not due to any structural problems of the balcony railings.

An image of Terrazas has gone viral of her hanging off her balcony just seconds before she fell. The photo shows the balcony rail supporting Terrazas' entire body.

Daily Mail reports that Terrazas was immediately attended to by paramedics and was rushed to a local hospital where she underwent extensive surgery for 11 hours.

El Imparcial, a Mexican news agency, reported that Terrazas would not be able to walk for the next three years because all her bones in her hips and legs have been reconstructed. On Monday, Terrazas' family took to social media asking for blood donations for their daughter and received a phenomenal response. More than 100 people have signed up to donate blood to the 23-year-old college student in a critical condition.