Aamir Khan's recent remark on "rising intolerance" reportedly led to a scuffle between a woman and her husband, following which the former committed suicide.

It has been reported that the deceased identified as Sonam Pandey in Jabalpur consumed poison, after her husband mocked Aamir for his comment on "intolerance", claimed Sonam's in-laws.

"Sonam Pandey and her husband Mayank were talking about newspaper reports about Khan's statement yesterday morning. My son poked fun at Sonam, saying what kind of man is the Bollywood star, who wants to settle abroad on the advice of his wife," PTI quoted the woman's father-in-law, RP Pandey.

Irked by her husband's mockery, Sonam then locked herself inside a room and consumed poison. "After a while, she started screaming and when Mayank went to her help, he found her vomiting. It appears she consumed some poisonous substance. Sonam was rushed to the hospital, where she died later," he added. The matter is under police investigation.

Aamir triggered a controversy after he said that his wife Kiran Rao fears for her child in the current "intolerant" situation and that has prompted her to consider moving abroad.

Series of anti-Aamir remarks followed, and questions were raised on the actor's patriotism. Later, Aamir issued a statement in which he clarified that neither he nor his wife are planning to move outside India but he stands by whatever he has said.