Woman takes a walk on aircraft wing
Woman takes a walk on aircraft wingIBT Creative

People can do some unexpected things and if caught on tape, they often go viral. That's the power of the internet, social media to be precise. Frequent flyers can relate to the fact that waiting for the flight to take off can be one of the most tiring tasks and if the flight is delayed and you are stuck in the aircraft, the patience can be put to test. That's exactly what happened when one passenger decided to take a stroll and chill on an aircraft wing after feeling too hot inside.

A viral video showed a woman taking a walk on the flight's wing she was traveling in. She opened the emergency exit of the aircraft, got over the wing and sat on the edge like no big deal.

"A passenger of flight PS6212 Antalya-Kyiv illegally opened the emergency exit of the plane after it stopped near gate 11 of terminal D and went on to its wing," said UIA, The Sun reported.

Air India aircraft land in Israel
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The passenger was flying with her husband and children on a charter vacation. The incident took place on August 31, but the video has been going viral on social media.

Upon witnessing the woman's actions, the chief pilot notified for aviation security, border service, police and medical staff of Boryspil Airport. The woman's actions not only shocked the passengers onboard the flight, but even her children were also surprised.

"She walked almost all the way from the tail to the emergency exit row, opened the door and went out. By that time her two children were outside the plane and standing right next to me. They were surprised, saying, 'that's our mum!'" a passenger was quoted as saying.

Woman blacklisted by airlines

Even though the airlines staff show passengers the emergency exits and how to exit the plane in case of an emergency landing, but the woman decided to use that information to get some fresh air. But her actions cost her dearly. The airlines blacklisted the woman from flying again.

"The passenger was blacklisted for gross violation of aviation safety rules and behavior onboard," UIA said.