Portland riots

In yet another shocking video showing US police in bad light, a female journalist was brutally assaulted in Portland by the cops, who beat her up using batons and one officer is seen charging at her with extreme force. The viral video shows an army of cops marching the streets of Portland while one officer (cop 37) is seen shoving woman hitting her from behind in the head and then hitting her again in the face with his baton when she is on the ground.

The unidentified woman is seen showing her identification, which appears to be her press card. It's not clear what triggered the assault on the woman, but once she's helplessly shoved to the ground, the cop joins the march forward.

Portland riots

Riots in Portland have been getting out of hand lately. Angry protestors set a county government building on fire in demonstration that started on Tuesday night and ended on Wednesday morning after clashes with the police. But Oregon's biggest city has been in chaos for more than two months as protests continued against the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

US police
Representational Image.Reuters

Several other incidents of cops' assault on protestors and press have come to light. In another incident, a White Portland driver was knocked unconscious by BLM protestors after he tried to defend a trans-woman. The cops have identified the attacker as Marquise Love, 25, who's still at large. The hunt for the suspect is underway. Meanwhile the victim, Adam Haner, has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home.