The makers of upcoming action thriller 'The Witness' recently released a new trailer of the film and it focuses on former EXO member Luhan and Chinese actress Yang Mi.

The 55-second sneak peek video begins with a shot of the female lead, a blind girl and the first witness of a mysterious murder case. In the clip, she is seen explaining how a blind person can identify someone through voice and footsteps.

"Someone's height can be determined by the height of their voices. Their body types can be determined by their footsteps. A lot of things can be known without seeing," she says.

'The Witness' trailer also shows her helping the police force by trying to identify the voice of the culprit. It gradually takes viewers through a flashback sequence with a voice over of Yang Mi's character recollecting the incident. "Around 9 O' clock, I got in the car from Shuncheng road's taxi stand," she says.

The sneak peek video even focuses on a difference of opinion between the two witnesses – a delivery boy and the blind girl. While Luhan's character says, "I saw it clearly with these eyes of mine. Whether you want to believe it or not", the female lead denies it and says, "You are lying. I was in the backseat at that time."

The promotional clip also introduces the antagonist to the viewers through his voice over. He can be heard saying, "Surrounded by danger, looking for a path to survival...Just wait a little...You will understand me better".

'The Witness' trailer ends with a shot of Yang Mi's character trying to save herself from the villain with a voice over in the background: "Do you know why blind people have to turn on a light when they are walking in the night?"

The Chinese remake of the popular Korean movie 'The Blind' will hit the big screens of China on 30 October. It revolves around the investigation of a mysterious murder case and the various challenges faced by two of its eyewitnesses.

Watch the new trailer of 'The Witness' below: