Former EXO member Luhan will play the lead role in the upcoming action thriller movie, "The Witness", alongside actress Yang Mi.

It is a Chinese remake of the popular Korean movie, "The Blind", and it revolves around the investigation of a mysterious murder case and two of its eyewitnesses.

While Luhan plays the role of a delivery boy who claims to be a witness, Yang Mi portrays a blind girl who was apparently travelling with the killer at the time of the incident.

A new trailer of the film has been released online and it gives a glimpse of the various challenges faced by the lead characters as they try to help the police force in tracing the culprit.

The 30-second-long promotional clip begins with a shot of Yang Mi recollecting the incident and narrating it to an officer. The voice over of the character in the background indicates that the detective initially refuses to believe her mainly because she is blind.

However, the witness explains to him about her acute senses and says, "Officer, I may not be able to see, but I have fundamental judgement skills. Light or dark makes no difference to me."

The sneak peek video also has a few shots of Luhan claiming to be an eye witness of the incident. He is seen telling the police officers, "I saw with these eyes of mine clearly. I swear if I'm lying to you, you can do whatever you want with me."

Watch the new trailer of "The Witness", which will hit the big screens of China on 30 October, below: