In yet another incident of discrimination against female employees at workplace, a former female employee of Wipro has filed a lawsuit alleging that the she faced gender discrimination, sexual harassment, unequal pay, and unfair dismissal in the Indian IT firm.

The 39-year-old ex-employee of Wipro, Shreya Ukil, has claimed that "she was subjected to a deeply predatory, misogynistic culture at Wipro."

Claiming one million pounds in damages through the suit, Ukil claimed that she was forced to have an affair with an older boss.

"The atmosphere for women employees at Wipro was toxic," The Telegraph quoted Ukil, as saying.

Ukil alleged that she was paid just half the amount of salary received by her male colleagues.

"The culture within Wipro requires women to be subservient," she said.

"Wipro takes serious objection to the scurrilous allegations made against the company and will initiate legal action to defend itself against insidious and defamatory allegations," said Wipro in a statement. 

A recent study conducted by the ET Intelligence Group showed that India's third largest IT firm Wipro reportedly received the highest number of complaints related to sexual harassment among the 50 Nifty companies during the financial year 2014-15.

The study found Wipro topping the list with 100 complaints, while ICICI Bank faced 94 such cases. Overall, 415 such complaints were reportedly received by as many as 38 of the 50 Nifty companies during the financial year ending March 2015, with 80% of the cases occurring in IT and banking firms.

In a similar case, a female ex-employee of technology giant Microsoft had filed a lawsuit against the company last month alleging that it discriminated against women in salary hikes and promotions.

Katherine Moussouris, a former technician at Microsoft, said that she got "low bonus" for complaining about sexual harassment.