Windows 95
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Exactly 25 years ago today, Microsoft launched Windows 95, the cornerstone of personal computing. The operating system changed the way we looked at PCs and the features that were launched with the Uber-cool Windows 95 went on to engrave some features to this day even in the latest OS. The 32-bit OS was the first-ever user-friendly version of Windows.

Windows 95 made using a personal computer easier than ever. Some features that came with Windows 95 became signature features that can be found in the latest-generation operating systems. Features like Start Menu, Windows Explorer, Taskbar, Recycle Bin, buttons to close, minimise and maximise were few noteworthy features that came with Windows 95.

Today's generation wouldn't understand the dominance of Internet Explorer, which went on to rule the browser space for decades. Windows 95 was the first OS to run Internet Explorer, even though the OS didn't launch with the coveted browser, which is being phased out of existence.

Windows 95: Fun facts

  1. Windows 95 came on either a floppy disk or a CD ROM
  2. Windows 95 took as many as 13 floppy disks worth of space
  3. Minimum requirements to run Windows 95 were: 386DX processor, 4MB of RAM, and a 120MB hard drive
  4. Descent, Destruction Derby, Full Tilt Pinball 2, Need for Speed, MegaRace 2, and Screamer 2 were some early Windows 95 games
  5. Windows 95's 7-second startup sound was composed by musician Brian Eno
  6. TV sitcom FRIENDS stars, Jennifer Aniston and Mathew Perry were hired to showcase Windows 95's top-25 features in a special cyber sitcom
  7. Microsoft ended support for Windows 95 ended on December 31, 2002.

Netizens celebrate Windows 95's birthday

Windows 95 turns 25: Taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane
Windows 95 turns 25: Taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane
Windows 95 turns 25: Taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane

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