Microsoft has just released KB3081424, a huge upgrade to its operating system, Windows 10. 

The upgrade will feature non-security related modification for enhancing functionality of Windows 10 with additional features and improvements.

Though Microsoft is yet to release the complete change log of the operating system version, the KB3081424 offers several improvements over the latest available Windows 10 operating system.

The KB3081424 can be installed only on systems running on Windows 10 and comes with a download volume of 325MB. It is probably the first service pack of Windows 10 and many more service packs will follow to the Windows 10 in future. 

For downloading the KB3081424, one needs to navigate to Settings>>Update & Security>>Windows Update on your Windows 10 system.

[Source: Remondpie]

How to Disable Auto Update Feature on Windows 10 Operating System

Like Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Microsoft will also release the security updates for Windows 10 at regular intervals. Though the updates will come with several bug fixes, vulnerability patches and major upgrades, getting the updates frequently might be annoying for those who have slow Internet connectivity.

By default, Microsoft turns on the notification to alert users as soon the update is available but it can also be disabled through a simple trick.

Press and hold the Windows Key and 'I' button on the keyboard together to launch the Windows 10 settings application.

Locate and click 'Network and Internet' and navigate to 'Advanced' option that appears below the Wi-Fi network list.

Now, turn on the 'Set as Metered Connection' toggle. Remember, the option will be activated till you remain on the existing network. So, you have to activate it for every individual network you get connected to.

[Source: Remondpie]