Windows 10 Release Date and Editions: Microsoft Reveals Wide Range Of Devices To Run The New OS
Windows 10 Release Date and Editions: Microsoft Reveals Wide Range Of Devices To Run The New OSWindows Blog

Microsoft is going to take a very important step that will define the company's future in the PC and mobile business. 

On 21 January, Microsoft has planned an event focussing on the consumer side of the much-anticipated Windows 10 to let the audience know what they can expect in the upcoming operating system.

The company is holding a special press conference, themed as "the next chapter", on Wednesday. Here are the top features we expect in the upcoming Windows 10 operating system:

Unified Platform

Microsoft has publicly been promoting its "One Windows" vision and Windows 10 OS will be the first live demo. If everything goes as planned, the new OS will work across all platforms such as PC, mobile and Xbox. Developers will have to code their apps in one way for all platforms, and a common store for all apps will be available for consumer shopping.

"There are many, many changes that we've put into this particular OS to make it the best one we've ever done. And our goal is to have Windows 10 run across billions of devices. And being able to tap into that entire ecosystem from Internet of Things all the way up, as I said, to the TV is an important element and an important opportunity for us," Kevin Turner, COO at Microsoft, said during his keynote at the Credit Suisse Technology Conference in December.

New Browser

Even as Microsoft is trying to keep some details under wraps, there have been several leaks about a new browser underway for the Windows 10 OS. The first hint about the new browser other than Internet Explorer emerged last month when Microsoft Student Partner lead and developer of the modern version of VLC, Thomas Nigro, tweeted about such a development.

Most details about the upcoming browser, codenamed Spartan, have been kept a secret; but the leaked report revealed that th browser will be light, similar to rivals Chrome and Firefox. It is going to be a much-needed change for Microsoft, which has failed to attract users towards its Internet Explorer.

Windows 10 Mobile

Consumers are thrilled to see what Microsoft brings for mobile after its Windows 10 for PC. There are no specific details about Windows 10 for mobile devices, but reports indicate a slight overhaul compared to the current Windows Phone version. In the latest leaked images in China, GSM Arena found a new Start and Office along with new transparent tiles and revamped settings.

Microsoft is also expected to replace Windows RT in devices like Surface 2 and Lumia 2520, with the new Windows 10 Mobile along with overhauled Office for mobile, according to WinBeta.


One of the major integrations in the Windows 10 is Cortana, which will go live on Wednesday. Previous consumer preview build 9901 showed built-in Cortana along with other changes. WinBeta also leaked a video showing Cortana in action, but the performance wasn't perfect. The digital voice-assistant failed to respond to several queries, but Microsoft will have the presentable version of Cortana at its big event.

Everything Else

The leaked details are only a fraction of what Microsoft plans to show at the consumer reveal, this Wednesday. There are going to be several changes such as new apps for camera, calculator, contact support, photos, new Store app and finally Xbox app. Xbox app hints at bringing the console games to PC, which will be a huge welcome for core gamers. There is also going to be new animations to TaskView switcher in Windows 10 and access to Settings from apps directly.

Live Streaming

Microsoft's Windows 10 event can be live streamed directly from the company's official website on Wednesday, January 21, at 9 a.m. PT.