OnePlus is not only known for its great products, but it is widely praised for having a strong community of fans and users who help the brand grow and get better. One of the fairest example of how strong the community is acquiring new Guinness World Records title for the Most people unboxing simultaneously at a recent OnePlus 6T Mega Unboxing event.

As a part of giving back to the community, OnePlus hosts several challenges and contests and rewards the winners. Following the grand launch of OnePlus 6T, it's only fitting to have yet another contest and OnePlus is doing just that.

OnePlus' Shot on OnePlus photography contest series has become a popular trend among users. The company is building on the popularity of "Shot on OnePlus" to host yet another photography contest that challenges OnePlus smartphone users' low-light photography skills. This is OnePlus' way of promoting its new Night Scape mode that debuted in the 6T and also rolled out to OnePlus 6 phones.

Why should you participate?

With OnePlus, there are always handsome rewards for those who participate in its contests and competitions. Since OnePlus is promoting one of its biggest features, which happens to rebuild the company's image in the eyes of photography enthusiasts, there's a greater reward waiting for the winners.

Shot on OnePlus: Night scape contest
Shot on OnePlus: Night scape contestOnePlus forums

"Inspired by brand-new algorithms applied to the OnePlus 6 and 6T, we decided to organize a special edition of this contest: 'Shot on OnePlus: Night scape' to celebrate the strides we've made in improving our camera," OnePlus wrote.

According to OnePlus official forums, top 5 winners of the "Shot on OnePlus: Night Scape" contest will receive OnePlus 6T and the other 5 finalists will win a package, which includes OnePlus Explorer Backpack worth Rs 4,490 and OnePlus Bullets Wireless (Rs 3,990). Both these rewards are worth competing over.

What's the contest?

"Shot on OnePlus: Night Scape," as the name suggests, is a photography contest where participants will be tested based on their low-light photography skills. Participants must capture a photo of a night scene using any OnePlus device and share it with either on the contest forum thread or on Instagram using the hashtag #OnePlusNightscape.

The post must include the name of the device, location, editing software used and if a third party lens was used. The last date for entries is December 14 and the winners will be announced on December 24. It's worth noting that only one entry per person will be considered, the shared content must be original and the company may ask you to send the original file for verification.

This one's taken by Pete Lau
This one's taken by Pete LauOnePlus forums

Are you excited?