jeff bezos
Founder and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos at Orion Mall, Bangalore.Reuters File

After a $2 million investment, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is looking forward to invest more in his Indian business as he feels the country is a growing e-commerce market and aims at flourishing above all others in the coming future.

After a year of establishing Amazon marketplace in India, Bezos invested $2 million in July believing that India has to offer "tonnes" of opportunities for his business and consider it as the right place to invest and expand his marketplace.

He sees opportunities waiting ahead of him in different sectors where he is willing to invest, including infrastructure, transportation, fulfillment centres, mobile, customer acquisition and fashion category as well.

"We wouldn't invest such a big amount if the model wasn't working. There is also lot to invest in. We have a lot of ideas and a lot of opportunities in infrastructure, mobile, customer acquisition and category expansion. There are just tonnes of opportunities," LiveMint quoted excerpts from Bezos' interview on Sunday.

"The reason we're investing so much in India is because it's already working so well. We must've launched just at the right time and the team must've had the right ideas and they've had to keep setting expectations higher and higher," Bezos added.

He appreciated his Indian team for expanding their horizon and making Amazon a platform for small-scale business merchants and enterprises to get involved in digital marketing, giving them the opportunity to grow.

The Amazon India's "Easy Ship" initiative has done wonders, and Bezos wishes to take along this idea aboard other marketplaces. This new system has helped India to develop its business rapidly, which is evident how India "is off to a great start with 18 million products on offer already," he said.

"One of the things that this (Amazon India) team has done is to put together a marketplace and the infrastructure to really make it easier for these offline small and medium enterprises to participate in the digital e-commerce eco-system. They (the Amazon India team) has invented is called the 'Easy Ship' system. This team here is doing so much invention that I think some of these we will be able to export to the rest of the world," Bezos said.

Bezos is ready to invest in different sectors of Indian market using the "free cash flow" from his other businesses. He is willing to invest in India because he is sure that the country has real working opportunities and said that most of his investors want Amazon to continue investing in India.