For many fans, the end of UK's highly popular period drama, "Downton Abbey", indicates a loss of some sense. Admittedly, the show has been one of the finest period dramas to be televised. It's not for nothing that the fans have mourned the impending end of Julian Fellowes' show. Although Downton Abbey's final episode, titled Christmas Special, will be aired on 25 Decemeber, many wonder if the show will be made into a movie. 

In a recent interview with The Times, show creator Julian Fellowes revealed, in very ambigious terms, his idea for a "Downton Abbey" movie or a musical. 

"I think a film would be very enjoyable. I think we'd have a different scale, we'd tell a bigger story," said Fellowes. 

The showrunner also stated that a film could depict the world around the estate in Downton. And by that, he hinted at capturing full ballrooms, the streets on which the villagers often say their "hellos" and gossip; and by extension, perhaps life in Britain in the early 20th century. 

Fellowes also said that a film based on the series could expose how people living the Downton Abbey were often blindsighted and unaware of the changes in the socio-political and cultural realm around them. 

"So, I hope we do a film, but I don't mind too much if we don't do it. I think the Christmas episode is a pretty good finish," said Fellowes. 

Downton Abbey's Christmas Special will perhaps end by giving closure to the fans. The eldest daughter of the Crawley family, Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery), will try to make amends for breaking off her sister Lady Edith's (Laura Carmichael) engagement with Bertie Pelham (Harry Hadden-Paton). 

The last and final episode of the period drama, will include a colourful array of characters from the previous seasons as well as some new characters. Actress Patricia Hodge appears as Bertie's mother and Lady Rose (Lily James) will make an appearance with her husband Atticus Aldridge (Matt Barber). 

Watch Julian Fellowes' interview here: