Song Ji Hyo
Pictured: Running Man star Song Ji HyoFacebook/Song Ji Hyo

Actress Song Ji Hyo is reportedly in talks with the production team of a new Korean drama (Kdrama) where she has been approached to play the lead role.

The romantic comedy-drama is titled Romantic Comedy King. It is the Korean remake of a popular Japanese series called Absolute Boyfriend.

The mini-series revolves around the life of a makeup artist named Da Da and her relationships with the humanoid robot Young Goo and popular celebrity Ma Wang Jun. It is roughly based on a manga by popular shōjo manga artist Yuu Watase.

Ji Hyo is yet to confirm her casting in the upcoming Korean drama. A representative of the actress has confirmed that she received an offer to play the lead role in it and she is considering it.

"It's true that Song Ji Hyo received an offer for 'Romantic Comedy King' (working title). She is currently reviewing it and there is nothing confirmed yet," Soompi quoted the representative of Ji Hyo from MY Company.

If Ji Hyo joins the cast list of Romantic Comedy King, she will be portraying the role of Da Da in the show. The character was portrayed by popular Japanese actress Saki Aibu in the original series.

The mini-series is written by screenwriter Yang Hyuk Moon of Mirror Of The Witch fame and directed by Jung Jung Hwa of Flower Boy Next Door fame. It is scheduled to air on OCN in the upcoming months.