Will Smith has been conducting a special Will from Home series where he is seen discussing important topics surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. In his latest episode of the Snapchat series, the actor roped in Dr Fauci to answer some of the most asked questions by kids.

Dr Fauci is one of America's finest infectious disease experts. Will Smith, 51 invited some kids to ask Dr Fauci questions on the virus.

One of the most asked questions was if kids will be able to go to school anytime soon, to which the 79-year-old expert answered, "That's totally dependent on what happens on whether or not we get a rebound on the virus or not. Not enough people, I think, have gotten infected to make it a true immunity."

He further added, "If there's still virus that's lingering around there as we get to a new school season, there are going to be some locations that are, appropriately, going to be hesitant to get the kids back to school,"

Adding some hope he said, "If things look really quiet, not a lot of infections, many locations will be going back to school."

He also said "I believe once we have enough baseline in the community, then this is going to be something you won't have to worry about for the rest of your life."

Further reassuring his viewers, he concluded, "This is something that's going to go away. I promise you."

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However, Dr, Fauci also said that, "I think this year has obviously been a bad year for us and the whole world. I don't think it's going to go away completely. I think we're going to have a decline in cases as we get better control. And then, I suspect, as it's a transmissible virus, I don't think it's going to go away."

The interview was a great initiative from the Hollywood actor and we hope to see more such meaningful interviews where people can directly ask experts the questions they are troubled by.