Rangoli Chandel, Kangana Ranaut
Rangoli Chandel, Kangana RanautTwitter

Some fans of Kangana Ranaut are upset with her sister Rangoli Chandel's Twitter rant against Taapsee Pannu and they feel that her stint on social media is risking her sister's image in the film industry.

Taapsee Pannu is next seen in Saand Ki Aankh, in which she plays the role of an old lady. The trailer of the film was recently released on the internet and she received a lot of criticism for her looks and acting in it. Many said that she does not look that aged person, even after wearing prosthetics and body language is too agile for the age. The actress was very upset with the negative response.

The actress took to her Twitter account to respond to the critics. In a detail note, she expressed her concern over latching on to negativity and not encouraging risk-taking tendencies. Besides, she wrote, "I hope and can only hope this will answer the question once n for all coz honestly now it's getting boring for us to repeat ourselves. So all you lovely people here goes my RESPONSE -#SaandKiAankh."

Taapsee Pannu with Bhumi Padnekar in Saand Ki Aankh
Taapsee Pannu with Bhumi Padnekar in Saand Ki AankhTwitter

Rangoli Chandel, who earlier called Taapsee a sasti copy of Kangana Ranaut, took a dig at her, saying she does not know acting. She wrote, "Acting ka A bhi nahin aata & comparing urself to all legends bhai ja thodi acting seekh le tacky silver hair & sasta prosthetic won't make u an actor, wat about body language f a 60 year old? Where is the aged voice? Longing fr gone youth in one's eyes? Where is acting So funny!"

In the past, Rangoli Chandel has attacked Hrithik Roshan, Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor in the name of nepotism for some years now. Many people felt her views were right and supported her. But her tirade against Taapsee Pannu is not going down well with those people, she has also come up in life with her hard work like her sister Kangana Ranaut.

Some feel that Kangana Ranaut is using Rangoli Chandel's Twitter account to voice her opinion. But Kangana's fans feel that she is not using it and they requested Rangoli to stop her rant against Taapsee because it would affect the image and credibility of her sister. Here is how people responded to her remark on Taapsee Pannu's Twitter post.

Kunal Nigam @Kunal__Nigam

I am Kangana's fan but ur continuous irritating and hateful tweets without any rsn are spoiling her image. @taapsee is also doing wonderful films and tht is wht we expct from bollywood. Try to digest other's success too. Kangna is not only Tees mar khan here.


@Rangoli_A is this your meaning of #feminism and #womenempowerment . I mean putting another woman down. #TapseePannu has carved her niche much like #KanganaRanaut . Stop this desperate attention seeking drama. In fact your bad image on Twitter has badly impacted #Kangana already

Ke Darkhaast hai yeh.... @sreejasdv7

Kangana smartly @Rangoli_A ke account se apna saara bhadas nikal deti hai! Saanp bhi maar gayi, lathi bhi nehi tuti

Badal manocha @badal_manocha

its sad that you aren't supporting, rather disrespecting actors. Bhumi and taapsee have proven themselves time and again. Trailer is trending on YouTube, that's enough for you to know. Period.

Hail Dhoni - Hail India @freaking_rohit

Mam, please stop it. Don't do much negativity, it will harm kangana in box office collections, please, a sincere request from a fan

Saumya Ahuja @Saumya1629

@Rangoli_A Seems like both of you sisters can't see anyone doing a better performance than her. Bravo @taapsee Can't wait to be the watch the movie on 1st day and @Rangoli_A yucks to JHK. I wasted my time and hard earned money on that stupid movie. Disgusting it was

Radhika Sarkar @radhika_sarkar

@Rangoli_A: You have seriously hit a new low, please stop. Because all your tactics online, reflect quite badly on your sister Kangana. Also, before you put out a troll post for me too, let me just say that I really like Kangana's work as she is an amazing actress.

Puja Agarwal @puja23pu

Being a woman u shouldn't use such words for another woman. U could have said it without using filthy words. Even if you're right you lost your valid point by using such colourful words. I dunno why u ain't getting this will harm #kanganaRanaut !! Just once listen to her fans

Namita Joshi @namitajoshi20

You know what @taapsee is definitely a better person than you. Unfollowing you I had enough of you.

Mahesh Alanthat @MaheshAlanthat

Hmm... so kangana is giving up older part of the role in " Thalaivi" too to someone old and deserving Is it ? That's so nice of her @Rangoli_A

Gayatri @gayatriIndian

maam, why r u so bitter towards Tapsee? can't u digest her success? If Kangana is an outsider, Tapsee too is. She struggled a lot in South Movies before entering Bollywood and is now working hard. If Kangana is a victim of nepotism, Tapsee too is. u r too rude to that girl.

Millennial Politically-Incorrect @noPankPankPls


Kapil Kumar Vijay @kapilkumarvijay

This is worst somebody can say. Act like some educated person, Kangana is good or say best at acting ok but don't belittle others. Everybody is trying hard to do their best. You are nobody to judge, follow the ideals you try to show the world please.


Do you sisters lov to be abused. I wonder why mostly ugly looking women do comment abt others look n appearance. Why ur back is paining if @taapsee is doing some film. So much negativity nd frustration.Hope the company of @SadhguruJV will give some peace 2 these restless sisters

Sayantan Sengupta @Sayanta00516042

When Kangana does prosthetics it portrays tremendous hardwork..When others do the same thing its cheap!!Hypocrisy is also in shame

Beautifulchaos @AwSums1

Why so negative Rangoli? You are not an actress to give gyan on acting...and I refuse to believe that Kangana will feed these thoughts to you after her Kashi/Varanasi spiritual experience...tired of tapsee getting free publicity thanks to u.

Parag Chaudhari @pidci18597

Listen Rangoli..u can't attack her like this...and u cant call her a bada actor..what do u mean sasta prosthetics..jz bcz kangana is having prosthetics abroad..why can't u mind ur own business..im also a kangana fan but its bad that u unnecessarily target others

Adarsh bhenki @isadarsh

@taapsee ne Amitab Bacchan ke saath film tumhari behen ne kam se kam Abhishek Bacchan ko dekha takk nahi hai aukaad aukaad hota hai

Mahan S Mann @MahanSMann1

Tapsee is great actress... one of the finest. Teri Bahen ke saath toh Rajpal Yadav v kaam karne ke liye nahi maanta, baat karti hai Taspsi ki.

Shubhi Shivpuri @shivpuri_shubhi

Nhi mtlb.. Kbhi kisi ko praise krna nh sikha aapne. Sb mai kmiyan lgti hai.. Khud kya sarvagunsampann ho.... Kangna ki badaulat ho... Warna tmhare jaiso ko toh juton ke neeche rakhe tapsee. God. Please save my kangna from this bitch