In a reported development that could break the hearts of several Microsoft loyalists, the Redmond-based company is said to be eliminating its Lumia branding from future smartphones. The new rumour also states that Lumia smartphones will not be available for purchase starting from as early in December 2016.

This development also hints at Microsoft terminating production of Lumia-branded smartphones, and instead looking at producing more Windows Phones not branded as Lumia.

A Winbeta report, quoting anonymous internal sources at Microsoft, states that the existing Lumia smartphones would continue to be sold till December with huge price-cuts in a bid to clear-off the existing stocks.

This report assumes significance considering the fact that the Microsoft US eStore very recently axed references to Lumia smartphones and replaced this section with a new vertical termed "Education Store."

Also, the latest rumours hint at the impending launch of the Surface Phone from Microsoft that is also currently a subject of heated discussions among loyalists across the world. Even known technology tipsters now seem to be working overtime in reporting potential developments regarding the release of the Surface Phone handset.

Nonetheless, at this point in time, Microsoft's Lumia 950 and the larger 950 XL continue to grab eyeballs of both loyalists and others with respect to the Windows 10 Mobile operating system, the liquid-cooled CPU and the Continuum feature.