Ruler: Master Of The Mask, the MBC historical drama that is also known as The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, featured the death of several characters in the finale. Many more characters could meet their demise in season 2.

While the viewers were expecting Kim Dae Mok to bid adieu, they were surprised to see commoner Lee Sun's end. The character of Infinite member L aka Kim Myung Soo was introduced as a slave, who is willing to do anything for the nation. Gradually, he became greedy and selfish.

The actor recently opened up about his negative role and said he was really satisfied with the ending. According to him, a section of fans was just waiting for somebody to kill him mainly because they never liked the character.

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Ruler Master Of The Mask
South Korean actor Yoo Seung Ho as Crown Prince Lee Sun in MBC drama Ruler Master Of The Mask.Facebook/MBC

"People really hate [my character] right now. I've seen a lot of comments saying he should take poison or be drawn and quartered. I'm satisfied with my character's death. I think it was a good ending for Lee Seon because he said what he wanted to say and he died protecting Ga Eun," Myung Soo said in an interview with Soompi.

However, the Infinite member revealed that he struggled a lot to hold back his tears while filming the scene. "Eventually when we started filming my eyes had swollen up. I had imagined I would die looking cool, but I have some regrets about the way I looked. But I still think it was impactful," he added.

Ruler: Master Of The Mask
Ruler: Master Of The Mask is a Korean romantic drama, which was aired on MBC.MBC

With average viewership ratings of 13 percent, Ruler: Master Of The Mask has sparked rumours of another season. The show was also very popular among international fans.

The next instalment will probably revolve around the various challenges faced by Lee Sun as a King of Joseon. The show might also feature a baby on the way for the onscreen couple.

However, MBC is yet to make an official announcement regarding its plans to renew the mini-series. So, the fans will have to wait a little longer to know more about the second season.

Watch an interesting scene from Ruler: Master Of The Mask below: