Luhan and Guan Xiaotong
Former EXO member Luhan and his girlfriend Guan Xiaotong.Instagram

Former EXO member Luhan and Chinese actress Guan Xiaotong are caught up in a pregnancy rumour and the fans are curious to know if she is pregnant with his child.

The celebrity couple seems to be trying hard not to publicise their private life. But their fans are keeping a close eye on them ever since the young Chinese heartthrob announced his relationship with the actress on Weibo last month.

The followers of the 27-year-old singer were excited to read his message introducing his girlfriend. The message read: "Hello everyone, let me introduce my girlfriend @GuanXiaoTong."

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So, the fans of Luhan started sharing adorable photos of him with his lover on various social networking sites.

Soon, the celebrity couple was caught up with engagement and wedding rumours. When an employee from a jewellery show shared a photo of former EXO member shopping a ring, netizens started speculating about his marriage Guan Xiaotong.

Then, an old statement of Luhan explaining his parents' desire to see him getting married at the age of 27 started doing the rounds online.

"My parents said they want me to get married early at 27 or 28 and take a year or two off from promotions for a baby if possible" read the statement.

Since the singer is 27 years old, many of his admirers started speculating that he will be tying the knots with Guan Xiaotong in the near.

A section of fans also claimed that the celebrity couple is in a hurry to take their relationship to the next level as the actress is allegedly pregnant.

However, the actress and her agency apparently tried many ways to deny the pregnancy rumours. Her agency reportedly created a new Weibo account called Guan Xiaotong Rumor Refutal Site and released a brief statement about the recent buzz.

"Not pregnant! A wise man does not believe in rumors. Not giving any time of day to rumors," read the statement (via Koreaboo).

In the meantime, the actress shared several photos of herself on the Weibo account. The images featured her on a hilltop and she captioned it: "The world is big and innocence is beautiful."

In her recent social media posts, Guan Xiaotong could be trying to prove that she is not pregnant, as a pregnant woman cannot climb mountains.