The concept of an afterlife, popularly called 'life after death', has been perplexing human beings for years. Adamant religious believers strongly argue that the eternal journey of human beings starts after death. This concept is also mentioned in most of the religious books. Adding up the heat to this theory, a man named William has shared his near-death experience (NDE). He believes death is not the end of everything.

What did William see during the near-death experience?

William had a near-death experience following a motorcycle accident. As he fell unconscious after the accident, the NDE victim apparently saw a large gate where a fence. According to him, this fence resembled a mindblowing black hole and he experienced more love and warmth during these moments.

"I saw a fence and gate. On the other side of the fence and gate, it looked like a black hole. I was drawn towards the gate. The closer I got, the more love and warmth I felt and the more selfishness and bad feelings went away. When I got about five steps from the gate, I was consumed by it. My hand went to open the gate and someone else's hand grabbed my forearm," wrote William on the NDERF website.

The man whom William saw during the NDE informed him that he has died. However, he added that God has decided to give a second chance to William so that he can rectify the mistakes he had committed in his life. Finally, William came back to life and he now claims that this near-death experience has played a crucial role in changing his outlook towards life.

What causes these visual hallucinations?

Spiritualists believe that the sightings of people during a near-death experience is an authentic sign of life after death. However, medical experts claim that these visual hallucinations have nothing to do with an afterlife or life after death.

As per medical experts, the human brain will face a lack of oxygen supply during life-threatening events, and at these times, the brain will adopt a survival trick that causes these visual hallucinations.