Whenever gaming reveals and live stream reveals are spoken of, the first thing that comes to one's mind is Twitch. The Twitch live stream channel has been a great source in the past for numerous gameplay reveals, including the recent live streams for Destiny's House of Wolves and The Taken King DLCs.

However, it seems the popularity of Twitch faces threat after Google announced its very own gaming-based, Twitch-like offering called YouTube Gaming. As reported, YouTube Gaming, Google's new streaming service for game-related videos, is launching later today, 26 August.

YouTube is calling YouTube Gaming the "go-to destination for anything and everything gaming." The service will not only show who is live streaming, but will also serve as a collection point for all gaming content on YouTube.

As revealed, YouTube Gaming will automatically categorise YouTube's gaming content and sort it by game and content of the video. This will allow users to easily find the most popular content for their favourite game.

Overall, the new service from Google will operate similar to Twitch, wherein users can watch thousands of streaming gameplay videos and easily search by game title, popular content or streamer.

But that's not all. Another feature YouTube Gaming will be adding that Twitch still doesn't have is a "DVR Mode" buffer that will automatically capture the last four hours of a livestream, allowing users to then rewind the content for playback.

Also, companion apps for the same for both iOS and Android devices will allow users to see who is streaming what or even start a stream themselves. The service will launch in the UK and US later today, along with the web service.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Eurogamer, ArsTechnica]