EXO member Tao has changed his profile title on Instagram, leaving fans question the reason behind their favourite icon's decision.Instagram/Tao

EXO member Tao is once again being dogged by departure rumours after he changed his profile title on Instagram from 'EXO-TAO' to 'Z.TAO'.

Although the 22-year-old repeatedly assured his followers that he will never break his promise and terminate his contract with South Korean record label SM Entertainment, they are still not sure about his decision.

Apart from changing his profile title, he also left a mysterious message on Weibo that read: "I cherish the memories of the past very much, but I look forward to the future even more." His admirers have now become suspicious about his departure and have incessantly been enquiring about it through various social networking sites.

The keen messages range from "Are Promises really meant to be broken?" and "Tao oppa, are you gonna leave us too?" to "oppa, don't leave us can you??"

Meanwhile, some fans requested him to join the K-Pop boy band back and wrote, "Oppa! please come back to EXO, Please ...You can rest for your healthcare but don't leave EXO and EXO-L ,not again."

Few of his fans also left lengthy messages for him on Instagram:

Oppa! Please don't leave us. We are still hoping that you are still an EXO member. OT9 is only for SNSD not for EXO! OT11 to OT10 then next OT9? No Oppa! I can't take it if EXO will be OT9! Many fans will be dissapointed if you leave. Just take a rest there then do your best descision huh? I love you Oppa Tao! :* EXO-Ls are still believing in you! We are one Oppa!

Taozi get well really soon,okay?Even you removed exo in your bio and signature,i still believe if you'll back to us soon...EXO and EXO-Ls need you...but now just focus to your treatment,okay..We'll always support you,WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH HUANG ZI TAO♥

Oppa, were still waiting for your official statement about the rumors. It hurts to know the truth, but please don't make us confuse. I have always known you as one of the strongest member of EXO, Panda-ssi I Hope that as soon as possible please let us heard what your heart says, if you leave then we'll accept it. But I can't promise to accept it immediately, you know how I love EXO :( I already move on to KrisHan, I accepted it already but please I hope you won't do the same. I'm still Hoping , even its already obvious :( 

Tao ah:-) I will support u no matter what choice u make but dont u thk that if u leave it will just hurt ur hyungs?But then again we EXO-L here will support u no matter whatUr health is our priority

its hurt us so badly ,u promise us that u will not leave but what happened u broke ur promise,and dont get hurt what other fans saying bcoz if that hurt to u its hurt us more ,,,,,,, i know i have no right to judge you oppa .so take care and i hope ur happy to ur promise ,dont worry we will support you bcoz we are one right?? Take care oppa

you said Exo Forever but now , you dont even atleast say goodbye to us. please think about a million hearts of exoL in this world. if you want to leave, doesnt need to give hint like torturing us like this. just say good bye and go. its like praying for you to stay for nothing. we also have feelings. we also human.

I don't know what you always think of Tao, I also can not survive if you do not issue a statement. Every day I think of you Tao, Even today I do not go to school because of illness, I was stupid Tao who want to remain in the exo, but I will try also to support you~ Loveyou Tao, get well soon

In the meantime, few EXO'Ls are also hopeful about their favourite musical icon's come back as the record label has already released a statement about their ongoing discussion.

"We are currently in the process of continuously discussing the various activities for Tao in China with Tao and his father, it's unfortunate that Tao's father would post such an article. Nevertheless, through discussions with Tao's father, we hope to explore his [Tao's] developmental direction [to find a solution through a constructive way]," Koreaboo reported.

However, the celeb and his representatives are tight-lipped about the dispute. So it remains to be seen whether he will keep up his promise or decide to follow former members Kris and Luhan.