Catcher is the company which is responsible for making the metal frames and chassis for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. Catcher chairman Allen Horng has recently revealed that in 2018 his company will start producing chassis for a new product line.

After this announcement, some analysts believe that this information indicates that Catcher will be making some part of Apple's rumored AR headset. This is the device that former Piper Jaffray analyst and current hedge fund honcho Gene Munster say will be bigger than the iPhone.

Munster and many other analysts expect Apple's AR headset to launch in 2020. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook said a couple of months ago that the technology is not yet mature enough for such a product to be released soon.

Apple logo is seen inside the Apple Store in Palo Alto
REUTERS/Stephen Lam

Catcher's chairman notes that the first quarter of 2018, which traditionally would be a slow period for the company, will feature a high utilization rate in part thanks to the new product line it will be supplying.

Quanta is a company which is known for handling some assembly work for Apple, and recently the company has received the licenses to manufacture AR optical camera components from Israeli-AR firm Lumus. According to reports, Quanta has pumped a $45 million investment into Lumus in 2016.

Quanta which manufactures the Apple Watch and Macbooks said that an AR headset will be ready for launch no later than 2019. While Quanta isn't specifically talking about a product for Apple. Rumours suggest that the AR headset will carry a model number of T2888, and will run on a new Os called the reality Operating System (rOS)

All these information and announcements indicate that Apple is working hard on the production of AR headsets, and the launch can be expected before the estimated time. So far, there is no official confirmation on this matter. Hope Apple will soon clear the air over AR headsets.