Nintendo's market value may be dropping faster than the frame rates on a dated PC and it's Wii console may be a market failure, but Nintendo's contribution in the gaming industry is immense. May be, the company has lost track of time and how its immediate rivals have evolved with time, but it still remains a name to reckon with. 

Contrary to popular belief, folks working at Nintendo have still kept their faith and look eternally optimistic, and this was highlighted when Nintendo's Executive Vice President Scott Moffitt said that he thinks the Wii U Gamepad is the 'only real innovation of this console cycle'.

Moffitt also thinks that the importance of Wii U to the world will be proven soon enough with some of the most revolutionary exclusive games set to be released later this year for the console, in the form of Super Mario Maker and Star Fox Zero.

"That's our real secret sauce. The Gamepad is the only real innovation in this console cycle, it's the only real new idea or game experience, and with Super Mario Maker, it shows you how magical it is to create levels with that Gamepad. It's so easy and intuitive," Moffitt said. "Super Mario Maker and Star Fox Zero will showcase the promise of the Gamepad."

While hopes are high at Nintendo, one really cannot blame them, especially when the company is finally trying hard to convince gamers that there's a third big ecosystem out there after Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One.

Though it remains to be seen how both the games on the Wii U eventually pan out, it's likely that their optimism will lead to something good. 

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Gamingbolt]