A father is touted as a teacher, protector and mentor for their children, but in many cases they turn into tormentors of their own children. In one such incident in Tamil Nadu, a wife allegedly hacked her husband to death when he attempted to rape their teenage daughter in a drunken state.

According to police sources, the accused wife murdered her 47-year-old husband with a sickle at home, where he arrived last night fully drunk and tried to rape his teenage daughter. The woman called the police department and informed them regarding the incident. She was later taken into the custody by the officials.

The news of this kind is not something new to the world. There are hundreds of such cases in different parts of the world, in which many fathers lose the battle against the calls of the flesh and prey on their own children.

Lately, a French diplomat was in the headline for allegedly raping his 3-year-old daughter.

Pascal Mazurier, Deputy Head of Chancery of the French Consulate in Bangalore, was taken into police custody following a complaint filed by his wife, Suja Jones, accusing Mazurier of raping their daughter.

Jones, a Keralite, learned of her husband's misdemeanor from the family maid who informed her that Mazurier raped her daughter. With aid from an NGO in the city, Jones immediately registered a case with the police and placed an appeal for Mazurier to be tried in the country itself.

Years back there was a case reported in England, in which a 56-year-old father was sentenced to life in prison for raping his two daughters for about thirty years and fathering as many as nine children with them.

In another case, a 51-year-old father in a village in Zimbabwe raped his 12-year-old daughter as punishment for not always wearing her underpants.

There are many fathers who sacrifice everything and strive hard to give a secured future for their children. At the same time there are fathers who bring shame to their parent-child relationship.  

A report says that 69 percent of Indian children are victims of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, mainly by strangers and unfortunately in many cases by their own parents. Child sexual abuse incidents are not just limited with girls; even boys are subjected to this gruesome act.

Experts are of the opinion that the incidents of child sexual abuse, which are reported, are just a tip of an iceberg as several cases go unreported every year. Shame and stigma surrounding this issue are preventing the parents and the caretakers from reporting such incidents.