women investor
REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Stock markets around the world are dominated by male investors and this usually leads us to believe that men makes sound investment decisions and are better investors than women.

But we could be wrong in making that assumption.

According to a study by Fidelity Investments held last year, women not only save 0.4 percent more than men, but their investments also earn more annually by the same amount.

Fidelity went thorugh more than 8 million investment accounts before it arrived at that 0.4 percent figure.

One of the key reason that makes women better investors than men is the fact that they assume less risk by diversifying funds to company shares and opting for a "buy and hold" approach instead of making a quick profit.

Women also invest more in vehicles like target-date funds, whose automatic allocations make for smarter diversification, Fidelity said.

Several researches done in the past have highlighted the investment potential of women and their ability to make better financial decisions.

A Gallup study showed that women managers consistently outscored men in engaging their employees while a Peterson Institute study showcased that increased women in leadership roles was linked to increased profitability.

The reality is that Indian women are more than capable of making their own decisions. As managers in their homes and leaders in their offices, women are rarely dependent on anyone when it comes to achieving their objectives.

So if you want to invest like a wonder woman, shift to a long-term focus, start saving more and give up on trying to time the market with brilliant trades.