For Indian captain Virat Kohli, the focus of the side is to take India team as high as possible. He does not care about individual numbers as long as the side is doing well and this is what, he players echo at all times. After India steamrolled Bangladesh in the first Test match the skipper gushed over his side and said that for him the biggest driving force was to take Indian cricket ahead.

"Our focus is to take the Indian cricket higher and higher. The motivation and the intent is right and we don't care about the numbers. The motivation has been right, the intent has been right and we are going to keep pushing in that direction," Kohli said after the match.

When Mayank Agarwal reached 150, cameras panned towards the dressing room where the captain raised two fingers which seemed to suggest that he was asking the opener to aim for a double ton. Mayank obliged and this time, Kohli responded by sticking out three fingers trying to push his younger teammate to aim for a triple.

'Know the importance of big scores'

Virat Kohli India Cricket team
Virat KohliMark Evans/Getty Images

"I know the importance of getting big scores, I took a lot of time so I wanted him to score big. So as a senior batsman I wanted to make sure that he stayed focused. I don't want the guys to make the same mistakes that I made," he explained at the end of the match.

The Indian fast bowling attack is the toast of the cricketing world and hence, all the discussions around has been about their potency and how they are the best bowling attack going around. For the captain, however, it is a dream to lead such a bowling unit.

"It's a dream bowling combination for any skipper. Even the slip fielders are ready as they know the ball can come any over, having strong bowlers is the most important thing. The numbers and the records are there for everyone to see," Kohli signed off.

Ishant Sharma
Ishant SharmaGIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFP/Getty Images

Perhaps the biggest talking point after this game will be Indian fast bowling attack and how the trio of Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Shami and Umesh Yadav trampled Bangladesh. For the bowlers, however, it was more about pushing one another and enjoying each other's success.

"I am not treated as a senior, we don't have anything like that. We always enjoy each other's success, speak with each other and try and share our plans. It's difficult to explain (his bowling renaissance)," Ishant said after the match.