Subramanian Swamy
Subramanian SwamyWikimedia Commons

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy and controversies go hand-in-hand. This time he has taken to Twitter to post statements about Islam and Hindutva with communal overtones, without any apparent provocation.

Early on Thursday, Swamy's verified Twitter account showed the following posts.

Subramanian Swamy @Swamy39

3 Newtonian laws of Islam:1.Islam will be Jehadi-propelled unless Dharma confronts it. 2. ?? 3. Dissent & beheading are equal and opposite."

2. Applied force of Dharma equals mass of Overwhelming Hindu majority multiplied by virat Hindutva"

Rules for Islam:1.Never allow Muslim majority areas in any part of India.2.Enforce the Directive Principles of the Constitution 3. Sanskrit"

Swamy had also made a remark critical of Islam on Wednesday over the controversial 'ban' on girls in Aligarh Muslim University library.

Swamy had tweeted:  "AMU VC fatwa on girl students no surprise. Burkha was imposed to prevent men from love on first sight. Women are property to be safeguarded".

This statement comes after the BJP government at the centre took serious note of the university's widely criticised diktat.

With almost a million followers on the micro-blogging site, Swamy's statements are often widely shared and discussed.

IBTimes India tweeted Swamy to take his version of the context of these statements, but he has not responded.