Ameesha Patel has been controversy's favourite child. The Gaddar actress who was once in limelight after giving back to back blockbusters is now spotted posting selfies on social media and entertaining her fans. What exactly went wrong with Ameesha's career? 

Ameesha Patel with her parents
Ameesha Patel with her parents

In the year 2004, Ameesha made headlines when she sent a legal notice to her father for mismanaging her accounts and assets amounting to Rs 120 million and demanding the money back.

Ameesha's gesture had shocked the industry and her fans, her brother Ashmit Patel had gained popularity back then with his debut film Murder that was a hit, he too had expressed his disappointment on Ameesha's shameful act.

Ameesha Patel with family
Ameesha Patel with family

In an old interview, when Ashmit was asked about his relationship with Ameesha, he said, "There's no sibling rivalry involved in my stand. Yes, it's true that I have hardly spoken to Amisha since she's mostly away shooting abroad.

And the little that we talk has nothing to do with any professional rivalry. As I understand, she was in Mumbai early this morning before she went back abroad, but I'm not too sure about this. This is a family matter and we will sort it out once she's back."

Speaking about the parents, Ashmit had said, "I'm minding my own business as I do not want to get dragged into all this till I'm asked to. But there is no question about which side of the fence I am standing on.

'Can't imagine paying my parents back, will always be thankful' 

"I can't even imagine paying my parents back for the kind of luxurious lifestyle they have provided for me. They have selflessly given all that they had to make sure that both my sister and I had the best of everything in life. I will always be thankful to them."

When Ameesha was asked by Hindustan Times about her parents, she had said, "Why should I feel ashamed? My money belongs to no one but me and not even my parents have the right to take it away. In fact, my grandmother is supporting me. My parents have fooled her too."

As time passed by, things came back to normal and Ameesha's mother Asha revealed they have finally ended their five-year estrangement during an interview with the leading daily.