Kerala is one of those Indian states that contained the coronavirus effectively, and even world countries are lauding the southern Indian state for its effective combating strategy adopted against the pandemic. Pinarayi Vijayan, the Kerala Chief Minister has been conducting press briefings every day at 6.00 pm since the day coronavirus started spreading in the state.

However, during the April 16 press briefing, the chief minister revealed that he will not be meeting media personals. Instead, authorities will be handing over press releases to journalists, and it will have all the updated information regarding the coronavirus outbreak in Kerala.

Pinarayi Vijayan
Pinarayi Vijayan and KM ShajiYouTube

Why Pinarayi Vijayan stopped press conferences?

It was on April 16 afternoon that opposition MLA KM Shaji lashed out against Pinarayi Vijayan for manipulating disaster relief funds. During the press conference, Shaji alleged that Pinarayi Vijayan-led communist government had utilized the relief funds for other activities, and it includes paying fees for advocates who appeared for some political murder case.

During the evening press conference, media personals asked Pinarayi Vijayan about this alleged scam, but the Kerala chief minister did not talk anything about these allegations.

As Pinarayi Vijayan has now decided to stop daily coronavirus press conferences, the opposition alleged that the Kerala chief minister is intentionally trying to avoid questions from journalists associated with the allegations raised by KM Shaji.

Vigilance investigation on against KM Shaji

Just a few hours after KM Shaji's press conference, the government has initiated a vigilance probe against the MLA, in connection with a bribery case related to a higher secondary school. However, KM Shaji defended this move and claimed that the communist government is trying to target him for exposing some bitter truths.

"It is the chief minister behind all these things. I know him very well. He is the only one who can target a person intentionally and can later kill him," said KM Shaji.