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The whole world wants to know why Kattappa killed Bahubali (Baahubali) and that is exactly the reason why almost all the tickets have been sold out for the opening day shows of Bahubali: The Conclusion (Bahubali 2). This, despite theatres charging hefty rates for the tickets across the globe.

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There are high chances that the ones, who have already grabbed the tickets for the first day shows of the SS Rajamouli-starrer, would reveal the much awaited climax of the sequel of Bahubali: The Beginning on Friday, April 28. Beware, the movie will be screened in some places a day before its official theatrical release, and in India, the shows starts as early as 4 am onwards.

So, how can you remain alert from the spoilers on why Kattappa killed Bahubali from someone else? Here are few tips:

Stay away from THOSE people

There are some people, who always find it so exciting to reveal the climax or the villain of the movies they watch. If you know such people in your friends list, then be extra careful with them. Try not to meet, talk or message them until you get a chance to watch Bahubali 2. 

Stay away from social media

It would be great if you can completely stay away from social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Instagram. Try your level best to be out of the virtual world even if you think it is a mission impossible. People might send you personal messages, screenshots, visuals that might reveal the details on the sequel, and the only option is to withdraw yourself from the cyber space. If it is not possible for you, it is advisable to temparorily leave Facebook and Whatsapp groups at least, and be alert on the forward messages you receive. 

Switch off your phone

Imagine that you stayed away from social media, still what if your friend decides to send a text message on the movie to your phone? In that case, switching off your phone is recommended, and if possible try to be alert on the calls you receive on land phone at home as well. Tell your family members too not to convey anything related to the movie. 

Do not check for movie's review

Normally, people check the reviews before watching movies. Though it is unlikely for the critics to reveal the suspense of Bahubali, some of the spoilers mentioned by them might ruin the whole movie experience for you. 

Shut down your brain at the mention of Bahubali or Kattappa

The moment you hear the words Bahubali or Kattappa, try to shut down your brain and move away from them. If possible carry a headphone and put music on in high volume, especially if you are going to watch the show soon after people are leaving the theatre. You might overhear them discussing the suspense!

And the important one

Even after taking extra care, if you get to know the suspense of the movie somehow from someone else, it would be great if you don't become yet another leakster! This request also applies to non-Bahubali fans as well - please do not spoil the movie experience of the fans!