So, the Indian team has earned a clean sweep victory over New Zealand in the 5-match T20I series. Indian fans are going to celebrate this triumph as one of the greatest in the history of Indian cricket and it would be ranked among Virat Kohli's biggest achievements as captain. And what's wrong with it, you may ask.

Well, here is the problem. The very nature of T20 cricket is so fickle that these five wins are going to mean absolutely nothing for the future. When the World T20 comes around, what happened in the past would be of no relevance. One may argue that this could be said about all formats. That will be true but it is more so in the shortest format of the game.

In Test matches, and to some extent in ODIs also, one can easily declare which team is more likely to win by looking at the composition of the sides. However, in T20Is, the result can depend simply on one performance by one player. No side can win a Test or even an ODI with one player's performance. The same doesn't apply to T20Is.

Indian team
Indian T20 team after winning the series against New ZealandTwitter/BCCI

In 2016, India whitewashed Australia in Australia in a 3-match T20I series. But they didn't win the World T20 few weeks later. The reasons were two no-balls bowled by Indian bowlers in the semi-final of that tournament against West Indies. So, if you think this victory boosts India's chances of winning the World T20 later this year, don't get too excited.

Furthermore, even if you were to take this series seriously, you would notice that the last three matches were won by India by a relatively small margin – through super overs in the case of the third and fourth match. Such small margins can get easily overturned in the future. New Zealand, if they have Trent Boult in the future, would be a tougher proposition.

Bravo Sammy Gayle West Indies World T20 2016
West Indies defeated India in the 2016 World T20 semifinalReuters

India is and would remain a top side in world cricket across formats. However, there is no such thing as momentum in T20 matches. India may have won this game but it doesn't increase their chances of winning the next match in any manner. One great innings from a batsman in the opposition or a great spell from a bowler in the other side and all the good work can go waste.

Besides, in the world of T20 cricket, international series don't matter at all. What matters are the leagues and the World T20. When the latter tournament comes around, all it would take for India to get eliminated is one bad day at the office. And when the result of any matches can be manipulated by one player, such bad days can occur anytime.

So, celebrate India's victory. But it would mean nothing for the times to come. Nobody is going to remember this series in six months' time. What they would remember is what happens in the World T20. And in that tournament, India suffered a big defeat against the Black Caps in the last edition. One big innings from Guptill or Taylor or one great spell from Boult and things could turn around. So, don't celebrate too much.