Looks like Deepika Singh, who plays the lead role of Sandhya in Star Plus' "Diya Aur Baati Hum", is upset these days.

The popular actress, who has an immensely huge fan base, has decided never to attend any wedding ceremony.

According to reports, Deepika, who is married to the former director of the show Rohit Raj Goyal, recently attended her sister-in-law's wedding in Delhi. While it was supposed to be a happy moment for the actress, it turned out to be a chaotic one.

"Well, my sister-in-law, Ritika's marriage took place in an open ground in Delhi. Rohit and I were quite excited about the marriage, as it was a very close function in our family. But I didn't realise it would turn out to be chaotic affair," Deepika told Telly Chakkar.

"As soon as I reached the venue, a crowd gathered around me, and instead of greeting my sister-in-law, everyone started calling me and requested to click pictures. Rohit had arranged for several bodyguards for me, but even then the crowd went out of control. I got a little upset, as it was a special day for Ritika and she should have been the star of the day and got all the attention and love. Thus, I have now decided I won't attend any wedding unless it's very important," said the actress.

Meanwhile, on the show, the mystery surrounding the murder of Sandhya's (Deepika Singh) brother-in-law Mohit is keeping viewers hooked to their TV sets. After Lokesh confessed he killed Mohit, Emily appeared in front of Sandhya claiming to be the murderer.

While Sandya seemed perplexed by both Lokesh and Emily's confessions, Suraj (Anas Rashid) confessed it was he who killed Mohit. It now remains to be seen if Sandhya takes any action against her husband.