Twitter has some stringent rules in place and violating them can have serious consequences. The micro-blogging platform has in the past suspended accounts for their inappropriate tweets and certain actions that violate the site's norms. Joining the list of accounts suspended by Twitter is the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka's official handle.

The Twitter handle @ChinaEmbSL was created not too long ago and had been sharing updates on China's relief efforts to coronavirus-hit regions, including Sri Lanka. But the account was also responding to allegations on the lines of coronavirus outbreak.

Twitter did not mention the reason for suspending the account, but the unverified handle belonging to the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka is said to have violated the platform's regulations. It is yet to notify the embassy regarding the account suspension. Responding to local media News1st, the embassy said they have already applied to unlock the account.

Twitter account suspendedREUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

"This is double standards. There is so-called freedom of media, but on the other hand, they suspend and lock any account that is not on their agenda," the spokesman for the embassy told the local paper.

While we couldn't verify the authenticity of the account as it remains suspended, reports suggest tweets from the suspended handle were retweeted by Sri Lankan President and Prime Minister.

Twitter account suspended

Many suspect the reason for suspension is...

The suspension of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka's official Twitter account came only days after the embassy responded to some accusations made against China in a harsh tone. The account was picking individual tweets that made allegations against China for the coronavirus outbreak.

China flag
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In one particular response, the embassy wrote: You are right that the "low class" Chinese government are serving 1.4 billion Chinese people, even the grass root or the "lowest class" included. Total death in China pandemic is 3344 till today, much smaller than your "high class" governments. Who are cursed?"

This tweet was in response to a user calling the Chinese government a curse to the world. Several other users on Twitter cited the embassy's harsh tone as the reason for suspension.

Twitter account suspended
Twitter account suspended
Twitter account suspended
Twitter account suspended
Twitter account suspended

Twitter's rules

While the reason for suspending the Twitter handle for Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka remains unclear at this moment, here are a few guidelines every user must abide by. Twitter prohibits violence, threats, terrorism, child sexual exploitation, targeted harassment, abuse, hateful conduct, graphic violence and adult content, and other illegal activities.