Salman Khan
Indian Bollywood actor Salman Khan (2L), mother Salma, (L), father Salim Khan (2R) and Arbaaz Khan stand on the balcony on arrival at his house in Galaxy Apartment after getting bail from his ongoing trial of hit and run case, in Mumbai on May 8, 2015.STR/AFP/Getty Images

Even as Salman Khan resumed work after the verdict in the blackbuck poaching case, where he was granted bail after spending two days in jail, seems like the tension pertaining to the case continues to prevail in the Khan family.

Why we say so

Well, it so happened that Asian Age contacted Salim Khan to talk about Salman's Bharat that revolves around the story of a father-son relationship. They wanted to hear Salim about the special bond he shares with Salman.

But the already stressed senior Khan mistook it for a call about the case and immediately blasted the journalist over the phone. "Mere ghar mein aag lagi hui hai. Mere bachchon ke saath problems chal rahi hain, aur aap pooch rahi hain ki 'kaise hai aap?' (My house is on fire. My children are facing problems and you are asking me 'how are you?'). I remember the media going berserk when Salman was sentenced to five years in jail. During my morning walks, reporters from various channels would shove their mics into my face and ask me silly questions," Salim said over the phone.

Clearly, the family is stressed.

However, once he calmed down and realized the subject, the yesteryear scriptwriter said that it's Salman's large-heartedness that makes him his hero.

"It is undisputedly the love and respect of the children for their father that makes them consider him their hero. A father, being the head of the family, plays a pivotal role in our society. Children look up to their fathers. Ab yeh meri taareef samjhun? Yeh uska badappan hai ki woh mujhe apna hero maanta hai? (Should I consider this a compliment? It is Salman's large-heartedness that he considers me his hero)," he told Asian Age.

Salim further added: "I feel all over the world, children have a special love for their fathers. I feel all fathers try to fulfill their duty towards their family and especially towards their children."