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Bollywood's Mr Perfectionist, Aamir Khan, is renowned for choosing not only award-worthy roles but also roles which allow him to explore a new horizon. All his films in the last decade have spoken strongly about his intent and motivation to bring something new to the public.

In the last few years, the film which shattered all previous box-office records and set new ones is Dangal, an Aamir Khan-starrer. Aamir not only had to pile on the kilos to turn into Geeta and Babita's father but also had to shed all those kilos soon after for the first half of the film.

At a recent interaction Aamir was asked how he manages to maintain weight and follow a diet when he has no choice but to attend lavish parties. Recalling an old experience at Shah Rukh Khan's Mannat when Tim Cook had come to India, Aamir said, "I carry my own tiffin. If you ever meet Shah Rukh ask him about it, he will tell you an interesting story. When Tim Cook visited SRK's home, he invited all of us for dinner. Gauri (Khan) told me to have dinner and I told her I will definitely eat and go. She went on to say dinner is served, so I replied 'I have got my own tiffin'".

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Interesting, isn't it?

Aamir Khan turned 54 on March 14 and with time, his inclination towards filmmaking is taking precedence over acting. Talking about the same, Khan said, "The moment I become a full-fledged filmmaker I will stop acting. Right now, I don't want to stop acting, that's why I am holding back the director inside me."

Well, we, the Aamir Khan fans, would never want the actor to quit acting and hope he continues to blow our minds with his powerpack choice of films.