As the vaccination rollout in India is progressing steadily, the government has asked Covid survivors to wait for three months to get the jabs. The decision from the government has apparently bothered many Covid survivors, and they doubt how safe they are without receiving the vaccination. 

Why Covid survivors should wait for three months to get the vaccination? 

The decision to delay the vaccination among Covid survivors was made in May. The government announced this decision after consulting with top medical experts. The expert panel suggested delaying vaccination to Covid patients presuming that a person who had battled the infection already has some level of immunity. 

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As a person gets infected with coronavirus, the body builds sufficient immunity and protective antibodies against the virus. However, it is still unclear regarding the number of days this immunity will last in the human body. 

Recently, several studies were conducted to determine the number of days the immunity will last in a person. Most of the available data suggested that peak immunity will last in the human body for around 90 to 120 days after getting infected. After this period, the immunity will start diminishing, and thus, the person will become more prone to getting Covid infection. 

Some other studies had suggested that this immunity could last a lifetime. Keeping in mind these considerations, it is generally considered that a Covid survivor will be safe for 90 days, and it is the reason why their vaccination is delayed. 

Benefits of delaying vaccination for Covid survivors

As the vaccination for Covid survivors gets delayed, it will give the government a chance to inoculate other people, thus helping to curb the spread of the pandemic effectively. Moreover, Covid survivors will be having natural immunity which is considered much more effective than the immunity attained with vaccines. 

According to several study reports, natural immunity could offer 99.99 percent protection against coronavirus, while vaccines could only go as high as 90 percent.