Vishal Jain
Vishal Jain

Most of us grow up following our parent's chosen career path that is usually simultaneous with the other parents of our society – go to college, get a degree, and get in the 9 – 5 rut race with millions of others.

Yes, the protocol works for many individuals, while there are others who struggle unhappily along with the herd. However, there are some who manage to break away from the 'norms of our society' and live a life of their own dreams!

Vishal Jain is a shining example of such individuals.

The 24-year old entrepreneur faced the harsh reality of life when his family struggled with financial challenges. With an aim to make things better, Vishal put all his focus on education – as that was the normalized way to lead a happy and financially successful life in the future!

But alongside his studies, Vishal Jain started freelancing. Besides offering basic services, he picked up the most popular tasks like social media marketing and took upon himself to start learning through YouTube videos and Quora articles.

He even dropped out of college to concentrate fully on his work and soon generated enough income to start his own money.

With the skills, he learned on freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, People per Hour, and Upwork, Vishal inaugurated the "Sunshy Digital Media Agency" – a firm that aims to deliver quality, cost-effective internet marketing services including websites, logos, content, and other digital products.
Currently, Vishal is an owner of 6 different companies that includes Sunshy Enterprises: a manufacturing company that produces industrial products, Sunshy Jewels: e-commerce that sells handcrafted jewelry, and Realstagram and Social Media Marketing Specialist that offers digital marketing services.

He has also written an e-book that teaches readers how to start their own Instagram marketing agency and grow influencers. His advice on the changing trends of digital marketing is also regularly published on portals like Forbes Magazine.

The youth of today draw inspiration from many successful individuals and Vishal Jain is another idol for an aspiring youngster!

His life story teaches us that perhaps a college degree is not for everyone. Yes, it may be a fruitful choice for those with dreams of becoming a doctor, lawyer, or engineer but if you have dreams and passion to learn – investing time, money, and effort sitting in a classroom for 4 years may be a waste!

Vishal Jain always emphasizes the power of digital media. Undoubtedly, we live in an era of digitization, and embracing social media skills with dedication can bring in great revenue. He suggested the youth of today to self-learn as many skills as possible, along with their education. Selling the same skills in a freelance marketplace can help them generate revenue with an initial investment – and maybe even earn them to start something of their own.

Last but not the least, his story inspires the youth that passion combined with the determination to achieve will definitely pave a way of success – for anyone!