Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan looked every bit of a royal couple as the attended the Red Sea Film Festival in style. The power couple rocked the event with their magnanimous presence. While Saif opted to go for a tuxedo, Kareena looked nothing less than a vision in a gorgeous saree.

However, despite their magnetic presence, the two have been at the receiving end of some merciless trolling. Here's why.

Kareena, Saif at red sea film fest
Kareena, Saif at red sea film festInstagram

Saif's response

So it was Saif Ali Khan switching to a sudden British accent during an interview that has left people trolling the two. "Cinema is empty without women for a start. When you think of cinema you think of so many important ladies, my favourite actresses from all the way back from Marlene Dietrich to Audrey Hepburn to Charlize Theron..." At this point, Kareena interrupted him and reminded him of his "wife".

The trolling

And the considerate husband that he is, Saif immediately said, "and to my beautiful wife." However, it was Saif's accent that didn't sit well with netizens. "Tbh, I am last one to judge people for their accent because I had to start code switching as a teen after moving abroad. However, I do get a little bit of a cheap thrill here with people making fun of Saif because of his pompous "intellectual" persona and I still remember how Kareena mocked PC for her accent," one user said.

"They're made for each other— husband fakes a British accent while wife is obsessed with the British royal family," commented a social media user. "Why this sudden switch?" asked a netizen. "Since when are they British?" asked another curious netizen. "I feel like Kareena can't take him seriously with the accent switch up while he's speaking LOL," commented another netizen.