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The Punjab government failed to construct a dedicated cycling track alongside main roads in Patiala.Twitter

A cyclist was killed after he was hit by a speeding car on Patiala-Sangrur bypass road in Punjab on Wednesday morning. Another cyclist was seriously injured in the accident.

The incident was posted on Twitter while pointing a finger at the ruling government in the state and also its predecessor for not giving a thought to cycling tracks in Punjab districts.

Despite the fact that cycle sales have picked up due to the lockdown, the government fails to construct a dedicated cycling track alongside main roads in Patiala. Due to this, people who pursue cycling are forced to use the highways.

The 'Ask Captain' program on Facebook

The issue of constructing a cycling track in the district was raised with Capt Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister of Punjab, through the 'Ask Captain' program on Facebook, which is a live program. It was reported that he has asked the sports department to look into the matter and check how feasible a cycling track in Patiala is.

Also, Patiala is the hometown of Capt Amarinder Singh and his family to date lives in Patiala. Twitter users stated that there are no cycling tracks in any of the districts in Punjab.

The deceased was identified as Dimpy Khurana. According to police, a speeding Creta car had hit the cyclists. The injured is admitted to a private hospital in the city. The police also stated that they had sent police personnel to investigate the matter.

Probe underway

accident. IANS

It was also reported that there was no written complaint received and an investigation is underway.

It had appeared in a report last year that Punjab highways are killer tracks and kill five people in accidents each day.

The national highways, which constitute just 3.7 per cent of the state road network, accounts for about 36 per cent of deaths. Most of these accidents happen due to speeding busses and trucks and people are left with no choice but to use these highways for cycling, walking, or jogging.